The following is a transcript of a live Facebook video from October 20 meant to offer up free advice and alleviate any fears associated with trouble with the law.

You can view the full video below:

Kris: Coming to you live today. We do primarily criminal defense. Our office does some other areas of law. Family law, domestic law. This video today is mainly talking about criminal defense and some of the things we offer. We have some events coming up that Jimmy’s going to talk to you about.

Jimmy: Good afternoon, guys. Coming to you live right here in Murfreesboro. We’ve got a couple events –– one coming up later this month in October. The attorneys at Wilson, Howser, Oliver, & Turner we’re going to be putting on a little education program for some other attorneys in town –– kinda give them some advice on a particular area of law, family law, and some related things with that related to division of some financial accounts. And then next month we’re going to be giving a presentation to a Greek organization, 90 students at Middle Tennessee State University. We’re going to be giving them a presentation about encountering law enforcement, how to protect what you’re there at school for, if you’re going to try to obtain a license, you want to go to law school, med school, nursing school, anything like that that requires a professional license. What your options are in court, how to protect those things because your livelihood in college, your future is number one that’s why you’re there. So we’re wanting to explain all that to that group of students. If you have a group certainly any college students or anything like that organizations here in town you want us to come speak, we’re happy to do our presentation for you. We’ve got one ready to go for you. We can tailor it to your group. Usually it takes around 30 minutes or so but we’d be happy to come meet with you and discuss with you what you need. We don’t charge anything for it. But if you have any questions, you can send us a message here on Facebook, go to our website, or you can even comment down below and we’ll do our best to contact you.

Kris: Alright, and the purpose of these videos…we believe that your options of life are the most important things you have. Because without those options, what do you really have? Somebody else is directing how to live your life…the court system especially is designed to take away your options.

Jimmy: That’s right.

Kris: And even if you find yourself in a divorce, sometimes your options are threatened there.

Jimmy: Absolutely.

Kris: And we’re trying to just share some knowledge with you. A lot of our clients come in –– well, I guess any of our clients that are charged with a crime are often times going to have a lot of fear and anxiety initially and that can easily be greatly diminished or eliminated and you know usually if you just call, come in, and meet with somebody that like us that’s going to give you the knowledge and explain really what it is you’re facing and how the many different ways we could possibly better that situation you’re going to feel a lot better.  Yeah, Jimmy, what do you think?

Jimmy: …what would you say …I mean you know we do a lot of criminal defense, a lot of DUI defense, what..somebody comes in you know let’s say it’s a DUI what when you meet with them what is the number one thing that is on the top of their mind that they’re fearing the most?

Kris: Oh, I would “I’m going to have to go back to jail” or “I’m going to lose my license” or “I’m going to be on probation, I can’t leave the state” –– all these different fears that we can easily eliminate or explain to you exactly how that process will work and genuinely they’re surprised that hey this isn’t going to ruin my life.

Jimmy: Yeah, I mean I think a lot of it is a lot of our clients this is their first time maybe they’re second time ever charged with any criminal offense and they …you know, you can do a lot of research online, you can ask your buddy you can ask your neighbor, your friend your relative, but I’ll tell you what there’s nothing like sitting down with us and we can explain the entire process for you and lay out your options, layout any defenses that you might have to this offense. You know and I think that’s what we try to do in our consultations.

Kris: Right and so we’re trying to share some of that through our videos as well just to try to encourage you to get some help as soon as possible because it’s definitely going to make the situation better all the way around.

Jimmy: And on the topic of DUIs, the TN highway patrol has advertised that there’s a sobriety checkpoint tonight on Highway 231 at Arnold Rd. We have a blog on our website,, that discusses whether or not a sobriety checkpoint is constitutional in the United States and in the state of Tennessee and we lay out all those points. I won’t bore you with it over here on the video, but definitely go check it out. Because one of the requirements of that checkpoint is that the police have to do two things: 1) the TN highway patrol has to supervise it and 2) there has to be some type of advertisement of it. Now, usually they list all of these roadblocks on their state website and I checked it yesterday and they hadn’t listed it there, but they did alert a local media outlet that they send all that to WGNS, a radio station, they did alert them of it and WGNS has published it. So that should meet the criteria, I’m not certain.

Kris: Right, well, just be aware of that and if you encounter a roadblock, it’s really nothing it’s going to feel a whole lot like a traffic stop. We did a video I think a couple weeks ago around Labor Day, or was it Memorial Day?

Jimmy: It was Labor Day.

Kris: Labor Day telling you how to act whenever you’re encountering a police officer at a traffic stop. A roadblock’s not going to feel a whole lot differently so review that video and we’ll give you some tips as well to help that go smoothly.

Jimmy: I mean I’d imagine the number one tip for people is to be polite and cooperative.

Kris: Right. The opposite of that is generally not going to get you anywhere. There can be a point where not saying anything is going to benefit you, but at that initial point, you’re going to be expected to communicate a little bit with that officer. Being cooperative and polite is generally the best route.

Jimmy: Cause I think the alternative is probably going to make the news and if you thought your life was getting bad by getting just pulled over, making the news for resisting with a police officer, getting your window busted out or getting charged with some other crime …we’ll have a little bit more to talk about in our consult than just a little DUI. Want to avoid that.

Kris: Yeah, let’s see, what else have we got today?

Jimmy: Well, we’re doing these videos to help alleviate fear, and another area of criminal law that we like to focus on, too, is domestic assault. We’ve done some videos on that so just scroll through our Facebook page if you’re watching this video. You’re certainly seeing it on Facebook. We’ve done some of those videos and I think you’ve done a video on what domestic assault is and the special relationship that exists there. I swear I know the answer to this question, and that’s why I’m asking you this, but what’s the number one question when somebody is charged with domestic assault or the number one fear––the issue that they’re dealing with when they come meet with us?

Kris: That they can’t go back home.

Jimmy: That’s right. That there’s some –– you get bonded out of jail after 12 hours at 940 New Salem Highway and it’s a mandatory hold and then there’s an order–

Kris: Yeah, you know when you’re released, you’re given an order that says you can’t go back home.

Jimmy: Right, and the court takes that very seriously. In fact when the judge calls the docket, if you’re sitting next to your boyfriend or girlfriend, or whoever the alleged victim is, and that order is down, the judge can hold you in contempt right there, I’ve seen them do it. And nobody thinks about it. Of course, if you went in there with an attorney, guess what the attorney’s going to tell you? Do not look at them. Do not sit near them or anything like that.

Kris: Right, right, right. And those issues can be alleviated depending on the cooperation of all the parties involved. When you have a lot of options, even though you’re on what you can do. If you need to learn more about [your options], you need to come in and see us. We can help you with [your options].

Jimmy: We have a producer here today. I’m going to ask Mr. producer, do we have anybody that might be watching the video live right now? If there’s anybody out there watching it, whether it’s recorded or not, give us a good “Like,” we all know what that “Like” button is, or share it. We ‘d appreciate it. That’d go a long way. We want to give as much information as we can and obviously we’re not charging for this video just to let you know I don’t know if you knew that. So help us spread some knowledge. That’s what we’re all about. That’s the only way to alleviate fear on all these types of cases [is by] getting that information out.

Kris: Right. Well, I think that’s about all that we have for today

Jimmy: Well, I think we had one more thing. We did a video a couple weeks ago and we asked questions for you all, and I don’t think Kris wanted me to go over this issue, but we’re going to go over it anyways. I mean hey, it’s Friday, what else do we have to do right? But we asked what questions do you have for us, and I think we received a question from Mr. Brent Pierce. Mr. Brent Pierce, you’re going to get a giftcard from us

Kris: Yeah he was the first one.

Jimmy: The first one to post a question. Congratulations, Mr. Brent Pierce. We’re happy to have you participate in our efforts here as defense attorneys.

Kris: He was interested in what kind of hair gel I use

Jimmy: That’s right. That’s right.

Kris: And I’m happy to tell him that it is some form of a Dove hair gel product. That is about as descriptive as I can get.

Jimmy: There we go. So, Mr. Pierce, if you want to research that further, send us a private message and we’ll get you a 25 cent off coupon on that [product] to Kroger to get that hair product.

Kris: But thanks for your––thanks for your question.

Jimmy: Yes, sir.

Kris: We really appreciate that.

Jimmy: Well, we hope ya’ll have a good weekend and if there’s ever anything we can do for you, do not hesitate to call us. If you’re looking for an attorney and maybe you’re not sure if that’s something we handle, call us anyways and we’ll find somebody in town or in the area that can help you. If you’re charged with a crime, DUI, we’ll handle it. Ya’ll have a great weekend.

Kris: Alright, thanks.