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How To Avoid a DUI Charge on Halloween

Halloween night is known for a few things: candy, trick or treating, costumes, haunted houses, and one lesser known evil — DUI charges. While the kids go door to door exclaiming “Trick or Treat!”, adults are having a fun time of their own. If spooky shots and wicked wine might be on your agenda for Halloween night, be sure to utilize all of the tips from your Murfreesboro DUI attorneys at Wilson, Howser, Oliver & Turner.

What Constitutes a DUI?

DUI stands for “driving under the influence”. In order for a police officer to stop you, he or she must have reasonable suspicion that a crime is being committed or has been committed in order to stop your vehicle. This can include erratic behavior such as swerving across lanes, running traffic lights and signs,  failing to maintain a lane, inoperable lights and speeding. To be arrested for a DUI, you must be operating a vehicle while:
  • Under the influence of any intoxicant, marijuana, controlled substance, controlled substance analogue, drug, substance affecting the central nervous system or combination thereof that impairs the driver’s ability to safely operate a motor vehicle by depriving the driver of the clearness of mind and control of himself which he would otherwise possess;
  • The alcohol concentration in the person’s blood or breath is eight-hundredths of one percent (0.08%) or more; or
  • With a blood alcohol concentration of four-hundredths of one percent (0.04%) and the vehicle is a commercial motor vehicle as defined at § 55-50-102.
If you were charged with a DUI, regardless of it being Halloween or any ordinary night, you need a trusted attorney on your side. Wilson, Howser, Oliver & Turner is ready to fight for your DUI case.

How to Avoid a DUI Charge on Halloween Night

The answer is quite simple: drink responsibly! If you are under the influence by any means, do not get into the drivers seat! This situation cannot end well by any means and can have damaging, lifelong effects. Instead, use these tips to have a fun and safe Halloween night:

Limit Your Drinking

While it may be tempting to throw back a few drinks with your friends, think about what you need to accomplish after the party. Driving home, especially on a night where children and their families are walking along the roads, requires great concentration. If you have been drinking, your attention span and ability to concentration is severely impaired. If you choose to drink, have one or two drinks at a slow pace. You can still have a great time on Halloween with friends without the life altering costs of a car accident, DUI charge, or worse.

Use a Driving Service

If by chance you are not safe to drive a vehicle, you can call one of the many services available to Murfreesboro residents. Commonly, you would call a taxi, but with the latest technological advances you can now use Uber or Lyft to get home! Murfreesboro taxi services include:

Have a Designated Driver

No matter the occasion or situation, it is always in your best interest to have a designated driver who refrains from drinking throughout the event. With all of the commotion and activity happening on Halloween night, it is crucial to have a driver who is 100% sober and can easily navigate the Murfreesboro streets at night. This will allow you and your friends to have a fun night and get home safely. If by chance you, or a friend, are charged with a DUI this Halloween, your first call should be to Murfreesboro’s trusted attorneys. The lawyers at Wilson, Howser, Oliver & Turner are ready to help you with your DUI charge. Call us today at (615) 895-0030 to schedule your case consultation or for additional information on our DUI services.